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I got not one, but TWO marvelous SJA fics for Yuletide. Best of all, they are both obviously written by people who know and love the fandom. There is more SJA fic in the world! There is more Gita!fic in the world!

The Kraftur, by Anonymous. This reads like an episode, and it's everything I love about Sarah Jane Adventures wrapped up in one glorious package. Really well written, interesting alien, great character moments for everyone, Gita saves the day, bonus Mr. Smith/K9 rivalry . . . go read it!

Alien Estate, by Anonymous. You're not supposed to have favorites in your Yuletide letter, but sometimes you can't help it, and I'll now confess that Alan selling his house to Gita and Haresh while hiding the neighborhood alien activities was my favorite out of the prompts that I left. And this fic fills it, with all the rompy fun I was hoping for.

I'm pretty sure I'm going to be re-reading both of these fics multiple times over the next few days. Apologies in advance for inflating your hit counts. :)


Nov. 24th, 2015 10:58 pm
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Face the Raven spoilers )

After all my hesitation about doing Yuletide this year and not being matchable, I got a great match and had the easiest writing experience I've ever had. My fic is back from beta and I think it might be ready to post. And it's not even December yet! How did this happen?

In the meantime, I'm late on my promised contribution to the 52nd anniversary fanworkathon at [community profile] who_at_50. Partly this is because I got on a roll with my Yuletide fic and didn't want to interrupt it, and partly it's because I have no idea what to post. My original idea was to do a kind of retrospective on SJA, talking about all the little nods to Classic Who (plus some big ones -- SO glad that we got the Brig in SJA!), but now I'm wondering if I should write fic or something instead. Of course, if I try to write fic, there's no telling how long that will take me. Except that I am apparently on a roll, as I just finished my Yuletide fic in record (for me) time.
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So, it's over. No more new SJA, and no more new Sarah Jane Smith on my television, ever, ever again. But at least we got a great episode to go out on.

spoilers )


Oct. 18th, 2011 12:53 am
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Just finished watching the first half of the last episode of Sarah Jane Adventures, and it's hitting me how much I'm going to miss this show. I'm already feeling depressed about the loss of Lis Sladen all over again. Cancer sucks.

I haven't been in the mood to do a full reaction post on the S6 finale for Doctor Who, but I do want to note one small cameo:

Cut for a very small spoiler about a cameo appearance )
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-- I am officially and completely hooked on Ringer. This is all [personal profile] ghost2's fault. Worst of all, I am now all caught up on episodes and have to wait a week to find out what happens next.

-- I saw the first episode of the last series of Sarah Jane Adventures. It wasn't as hard to watch as I feared it would be; while I started out feeling sad again about Lis' loss, I fairly quickly got into the show. Also, I'm glad that the work is getting aired. Unfortunately, I didn't like the episode itself very much. I may write more on this later.

-- Doctor Who finale!!!!! I spent the entire episode yelling "ahhhhhhhhhhh!" at my TV screen. (That's kind of my mix of "oh no!" and "OMG!" and "how is the Doctor going to get out of this?") And then I wondered how they were possibly going to wrap it all up in one episode. But wrap it up they did, and very nicely, too. Loved it. I will probably write more on this later.
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The eligible fandom list just came out for Yuletide, and Sarah Jane Adventures made the list!! Actually, I initially thought it hadn't made the list and I was all set to write a "special bonus whimpering" plea for reconsideration (seriously, that's what they call it) when I thought to check under "The Sarah Jane Adventures," and there it was!

*happy dance*

Now I just have to decide if I'm willing to sign up and write a 1,000-word story to a strict deadline in return for the possibility of getting Gita!fic. What to do, what to do . . .
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Yes, this is my Death of the Doctor REACTION POST which shall have SQUEE!

Oh, and also spoilers. )
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Sherlock debuts tonight here, and I'm going to watch it, but I confess that I'm not very excited. Mystery is not one of my favorite genres as a rule, and I think the last Sherlock Holmes story I saw was the movie "Without a Clue" way back in 1988. Now that's an excellent movie, don't get me wrong, but it's not exactly a typical Sherlock Holmes story. However, everyone's been raving about how great this new Sherlock series is, and it's apparently not typical either (although probably far less funny than "Without a Clue"), and since I do like Steven Moffat's writing, I'm going to give it a try.

Strangely enough, I seem to have also hit a dip in my excitement for tomorrow's SJA episode. I'm still excited to see it, but I'm no longer counting the hours the way I was a few days ago. Either it's easier to wait now that the wait is shorter, or my worry that I'm going to be disappointed by the episode is catching up and out-pacing my excitement to see it. If the latter, that's not necessarily a bad thing.
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[I figure the casting spoiler isn't a spoiler anymore now that it's appeared on a "next time" trailer -- apologies if I'm wrong -- but also be warned that there's a "Green Death" spoiler in this.]

I've stumbled across a video on Youtube from a 1993 Panopticon panel with Jon Pertwee, Katy Manning and (eventually) Nicholas Courtney. It's fun to watch the whole thing -- Katy is an absolute hoot to watch, especially with Jon -- but I particularly want to direct people's attention to part 3, starting at 1:22 minutes in:

MODERATOR: Jon, you came back for The Five Doctors ten years ago. (To Katy): Would you ever come back if you were asked?

KATY: What the hell would you do with Jo?

Eventually she says:

"About five years ago, I would've said no, definitely. But now, if I had to come back as Jo, I think I would, but only if they let Jo come back a certain way. I would not come back saying (ditzy voice) 'But Doctor, enough of your knavish tricks!' I couldn't do that. You know, there's no way. Jo you know would have . . . I tell you what. She's left him! The one she went -- no way! She definitely left him. She got halfway up the Amazon and she said, 'This is not going to work.' So I'll only come back if a) she wasn't still married, and b) she could be somebody that many years later."

Here's the link to the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WjHTtkw6hss

So now I'm wondering how prescient (or not prescient) Katy was back in 1993. We'll be finding out! (And if you know the answer now -- which I know some of you do -- please don't tell me!)


Oct. 21st, 2010 05:08 pm
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Is it Monday yet?

How about now?
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On Yuletide and next week's episode (casting spoilers and spoilers for the preview shown at the end of tonight's episode) )

On SJA so far this series (spoilers for Nightmare Man and Vault of Secrets) )

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It's been five days since I posted my latest fic, "The Spotter's Guide to the Doctor," and it got a hugely positive reception, so much so that it's left me a little dumbfounded. In fact, based on the number of reviews and favorites, it is now my most popular story on Teaspoon. Given that before this it had been five months since I'd completed a fic, I'm feeling pretty happy right now. I should write fanfic more often, shouldn't I? (Not that I haven't been trying to work on that . . . )

Another thing that's making me happy is the return of Sarah Jane Adventures! Elisabeth Sladen did a marvelous acting job in "The Nightmare Man," and it's just wonderful to see the show back again.

Something else that is making me very happy: we are now just two weeks away from the episode of SJA! Is it possible to grin continuously for two weeks? I think I might be finding out!

Finally, on a less self-absorbed note, all the trapped Chilean miners are now free! It was great to see so many people come together and successfully pull off such a complicated rescue. Watching that capsule go down and up was the best reality television show ever. Vive Chile!
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I am very, very excited.

As for title spoiler, ) I think I'm even more excited to see that than I was to see "The Big Bang." I hope it's just as good!

In other news, an apparent prop from SJA has shown up in the bookcase of BBC's new series, Sherlock. The prop in question is a book, Teleological Response of the Virus by Lavinia Smith. Lavinia Smith is, of course, the name of Sarah's aunt, and the work in question is mentioned by the Third Doctor in Sarah's first episode, "Time Warrior."

I have a couple of responses:

1) It's way, way cool that this prop book was created for SJA. I haven't ever seen it on the show, but maybe it will show up in this new series? Or maybe it's always been lurking in the background in the attic, and we just haven't noticed it yet.

2) I like that the book has traveled from SJA to Sherlock. In fact, I now want to see it make an appearance on other BBC shows! Because let's face it, every series can be improved by an obscure Doctor Who reference in the set dressing. : )
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And here be spoilers . . . proceed at your own risk )
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My review of SJA's "Day of the Clown," both parts. spoilers follow )
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Let me start off by saying that there's no need for a spoiler cut here -- I know NOTHING. (And if you do know something, don't tell me!) But I was thinking about who would be really awesome to see show up in SJA, and here's my vote: Tom Baker.

Now I know what you're all thinking, but hold on. Seriously, if there's a chance in hell that Tom Baker could ever be persuaded to play the role of the Doctor again, wouldn't it be on SJA? Because first off, he'd get to be the Doctor instead of a Doctor. I don't think he'd ever do a multi-Doctor story, but coming back to do a single Doctor story on a different show? I think it's possible. And second off, it's not just any old different show, it's Lis Sladen's show, and if you've listened to any of the DVD commentaries they've done together then you know how much genuine affection and respect Tom still has for Lis. (The end of the "Hand of Fear" commentary is especially sweet -- go listen to it if you've never heard it, because Tom literally takes Lis' breath away with what he says.) I think he'd like to work with her again. And I know that Lis is far, far too classy to ask Tom to do her show just for the sake of a ratings boost, but maybe during some recording session or other (there are still a lot of those old DVDs to be released, after all) they get to talking about SJA, and Tom happens to mention that it might be fun . . .

I realize that most likely there isn't a chance in hell, but I can dream, can't I??


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