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. . . until "Turn Left" airs! I'm starting to get very excited. It's also getting harder and harder to keep away from spoilers. On Saturday I turned on the Graham Norton show on BBC America and saw that Catherine Tate was the guest star, then next thing I know Graham asks her about this ) and I'm like ahhhh! turn it off, turn it off! SO annoying, how is it that for Doctor Who we are a month behind the UK but we're less far behind for the Graham Norton show? I know they're shown on different channels but I am still not happy with BBC America right now -- whoever is in charge of scheduling should have realized that was NOT a good choice to air yet! And speaking of the BBC, I also went to their website to get the podcast for "Midnight" -- which was EXCELLENT, by the way; a fascinating look into how sound is done on the show -- and there's this big, very recognizable picture of this ) Which was also pretty annoying spoiler-wise, although I'd kind of heard a rumor already about that. Which goes with the other rumor I heard, this ) And it's not much of a problem because no one knows yet about this blog, but just in case you happen across this and know how series 4 / season 4 ends, do NOT tell me!!!

In other news, I am still trying to decide if I should delete my flopped story or not. It bothers me every time I log onto Teaspoon and see it sitting there with zero reviews. So, while I don't want to come across as being petulant, maybe I should simply delete it for that reason alone.

Have I mentioned how much I am looking forward to Friday?


Jul. 12th, 2008 08:07 am
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Saw "Midnight" last night: spoilers follow )

In other news, my latest story on Teaspoon is still a dismal flop. Oh well, it was a bit of an experiment anyway -- more about trying that style of story again, and less about really wanting to write the story itself -- and that's probably the problem, actually. I'm very very tempted to delete it, although it did get two people favoriting it even though it doesn't have any reviews. Well, maybe I'll let it go a few more days and see what happens first.


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