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It's fandom stocking time! Go sign up here: http://fandom-stocking.dreamwidth.org/458304.html

I think most people reading this have done it before, but in case you've never heard of Fandom Stocking, it's totally awesome. Every time I've done it, I've gotten random treats from both friends and strangers, and it's the most low-pressure thing out there: you are under absolutely no obligation to do anything at all other than say what kinds of things you would like to receive. (Obviously, though, it's nicer if you can also find the time to go out and leave treats for others -- and truthfully, it's more fun that way, too.) You can find more information here: http://fandom-stocking.dreamwidth.org/458064.html
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Hi! *waves* I've been around, but I went through a period where I didn't really feel like posting. Anyway, here's what's been going on:

Being in [community profile] fandom_stocking was an interesting experience. I unfortunately didn't do very well in the stocking-stuffing department, so apologies to everyone! I did get some great gifts myself, though, including gifts from people whom I don't normally interact with online. That was pretty awesome. My great swag included a Four and Sarah icon (how did they know? *g*), an Eleventh Doctor fez!fic (which was awesome -- the world needs more fez!fic), a Four and Sarah missing scene ficlet (which I keep re-reading because it's wonderful Four and Sarah and therefore makes me extremely happy :D), an incredibly perfect SJA ficlet starring Gita (which is exactly what I would've wished for if I had done Yuletide, and here I got it just as a random gift!), and a very fun romp!fic with (wait for it) Four, Six, Ten, Sarah, Harry, Evelyn and Martha! (part 1 here and part 2 here.)

I managed to write exactly one ficlet for [community profile] fandom_stocking: a G-rated TNG ficlet (my very first shot at writing that fandom) with Picard, Riker, Data and Q, which is here if anyone is interested. There's a fandom_stocking collection at Archive of Our Own, and I keep thinking aboutf posting this there, but I would then have to come up with a title and a summary, and I have no ideas for either.

In other news, I recently saw the first two-part episode of the American version of "Being Human." It's sort of surreal, because I think I would normally really like the show, but instead of sitting back and enjoying it, I keep comparing it to the original version, usually unfavorably. It's not even that the show is worse, necessarily; it bothers me just because it's different. For example, the actors all have American accents, and that seems wrong. The actors look different (because they're, you know, different actors), and I don't like that either. Then the characters' names are different, and that keeps throwing me because someone will say "Josh" and I don't know who that is until I translate it as "George" in my head and go "oh." The storyline is also different, which is probably a good thing, actually. Anyway, I think I'll keep watching for now and see what happens.

Finally, there's another WIP challenge starting up in February at the DreamWidth comm writethisfanfic, and I'm trying to decide if I should do it or not. Last time was a huge failure, and January has been a completely unproductive writing month, which means that doing the February challenge is likely to be either a really good thing or a horrendously bad one, but I can't predict which it will be.


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