Dec. 12th, 2013 12:32 am
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So, apparently hosting a ficathon with a late-November deadline was not the best way to get going on my Yuletide writing. I was way too caught up in it, and way too caught up in the Doctor Who 50th anniversary, to make any significant progress on Yuletide writing. I have finally come back to it, though, and I'm slowly making progress. I've been using WrittenKitten, and it's been really helpful, especially since I haven't passed the magic 1,000-word mark yet. Right now I have 5 kittens to go! Well, 5 kittens, plus however many additional kittens it takes me to actually finish the fic. Right now I don't know how many that will be; I'll have to wait and see where I am once I've gotten a few more kittens.

I feel badly because the last time I did Yuletide, my fic was finished early, and it was well over the word limit, and this time it looks like it's going to be down to the wire in terms of both time and words. Although I guess neither of those things ultimately matters in the end. My recipient won't get to read the fic any earlier if it's turned in before the deadline, and I really do think that fic length is unrelated to fic quality. I once recced a fic on Calufrax that had only 52 words. I wonder if I hold the record for reccer of the shortest fic?

Anyway, this Yuletide fic of mine does have to be longer than it currently is, but instead of just writing it, I feel like I have to anxiously watch the word count go up until I've at least reached 1,000. But after that, I will hopefully be able to relax and just write. And, at least there's a website that will count up the words for me, and give me kittens along the way.

Also, it's [community profile] fic_rush this weekend! Hurrah!


Jan. 3rd, 2012 10:44 am
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If you are here from fic_rush, this is a post to show how easy it is to make comments from a LiveJournal account with OpenID. Comment away!

(If you're not here from fic_rush, feel free to ignore this post.)


Jun. 17th, 2011 06:32 pm
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[community profile] fic_rush has started! If you get a chance this weekend, come on by!
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This month's [ profile] fic_rush starts Friday night at midnight GMT! In case you're not familiar with the awesomeness that is [ profile] fic_rush, it's a place where people come together for a weekend to encourage each other to write fic. It's a great way to get motivated to write, but it's also lots of fun just to hang out and make jokes about penguins and alien fish. Drop on by and check it out! If you drop in between 1-5 a.m. GMT on Sunday, you'll catch me hosting a shift.

And to get us all in the mood, here is the Fanfic Flamingo:

Click here to see what the Fanfic Flamingo has to say

I am way behind on writing something for work, but I hope to get some fanfic writing done this weekend, too. Or perhaps I'll just end up looking at fanfic flamingos all weekend . . . ; D


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