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Still non-spoilery, so no cuts, but I went for it and got Netflix streaming, and I've been binge-watching Jessica Jones all day.

Well, except for the times when I find myself surfing the internet for David's video diaries and clips of him singing with the Proclaimers, just to remind myself that there really is no need for me to be afraid of David Tennant.
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Was dog-sitting for someone who had Netflix streaming, so I got to watch the first two episodes of Jessica Jones. It's good! I think I might have to pony up for one month of Netflix streaming so I can watch the rest. (Or do a lot more dog-sitting.)

My non-spoilery favorite thing about the show? The fact that David Tennant is not trying to use his terrible "American" accent. Maybe the producers saw "Gracepoint" and politely told him they would love it if Kilgrave had an English accent?
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Really funny video of David Tennant giving a dramatic recitation to Broadchurch music:


Oct. 30th, 2014 09:15 pm
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I'm trying to watch "Gracepoint," which is on my television right now. Oh David, what are you trying to do with that "American" accent? It sounds like you're trying to be from Boston, maybe? With a touch of . . . Aberdeen?

We love your Scottish accent over here! Next time, try to talk them into letting you use it! (Except, please don't be quite so mumbly as you were in "Broadchurch," okay?)
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Just a couple of random things:

-- I now have 71 "plays" for my fanvid on Youtube! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xeS1Cqj6ucI) And believe it or not, not all those plays were me. :D Youtube also provides interesting statistics. Apparently my fanvid is most popular among males aged 13-17. (I'm guessing that's just among people who are logged in, though.) It's also most popular in the US, the UK, and Portugal. Hello there, you Portuguese Doctor/Sarah fan, whoever you are! *waves*

-- Calufrax is looking for more reccers, and I encourage everyone to sign up! It's nice to spread the fic-love around, and give some recognition to your favorite fics. All you have to do is join [community profile] calufrax (membership is open) and then sign up here.

-- David Tennant has a slightly disturbing story about someone who accosted him in a gym shower (!) in order to get an autograph. The way he tells the story is hysterical, though. Go here to see it (start at 10:55): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4-rVzs-5Hos

-- The above clip also has a really funny "say the next line from 'Much Ado About Nothing'" competition between David and Catherine. That's right at the beginning, so just hit "play." (Guess who wins?)

-- On a more serious note, [personal profile] honorh has an amazing (and extremely well-written) in-person account of what it was like to go through the Japanese earthquake and tsunami. She was right in the thick of it -- the tsunami washed away her apartment minutes after she got out: http://blog.oregonlive.com/my-hillsboro/2011/04/personal_account_of_tsunami_and_aftermath_in_japan.html

I've already donated to Japan relief, but I'm going to see if I can donate again. I think it's going to be awhile before they recover from this.

-- Speaking of donating, the Just Giving site collecting donations for Cancer Research UK in memory of Elisabeth Sladen is now well over 5,000 pounds. I would like to donate, but it costs me money to donate in British pounds. Anyone know if I can donate in U.S. dollars? Or should I donate to the American Cancer Society in her name instead?


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