Nov. 12th, 2016 10:16 pm
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So, the last time we got a [community profile] calufrax rec was over a month ago. Is Calufrax dead? On hiatus? Does anyone know?
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[community profile] calufrax, the reccing community for Teaspoon, is in need of more reccers! It's now easier to rec on Calufrax than ever before, because you get two whole weeks and only need to come up with 4-10 stories to rec. Also, there is nothing like the feeling of watching a really good story pick up new reviews just because you posted about it! Seriously, it feels like those reviews now belong to you or something.

Um, I mean, it feels almost like those reviews belong to you, because of course you realize they are not actually your reviews. *cough*

Go sign up to rec! More information here!


Sep. 22nd, 2013 08:58 pm
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Public notice: It is not any easier to settle on 10 fics to rec than it was to settle on 7 fics to rec.

I would moan about why can't I rec 14, one per each day of my two weeks, except I suspect that it would also not be any easier to settle on 14 fics to rec.

*Goes back to swapping recs in and out of the lineup*
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I just read a really good story on Teaspoon and I'm reccing Calufrax soon. What a wonderful feeling! :D

I'm also starting to go through my list of bookmarked stories so I can figure out what else I want to rec. I think this is my favorite part of reccing, when I'm just starting my list and there are lots of empty slots to fill. I'm not having to make the hard choices yet, and it's like picking out gifts from a store, traipsing through my bookmarks and thinking "Oooh, how about that one? Or this one? Or the shiny one over there, oh yes, I love that one!"

Later it will get harder as I have to start to weed and swap, as I realize my list is too long (it's always too long) and I have too many recs with the same characters, or of the same genre, or that won't work for some other reason. Then it will get difficult and frustrating and involve hard choices, but right at this moment it's all shiny possibility, and I feel I can rec ALL THE STORIES, and also go out and find more because I've run out of really good crack!fic to rec and surely there's some good crack!fic that I haven't discovered yet? I must go find some and add it to the list! And if I find some other new gems along the way, how marvelous, because have I mentioned that I'm going to be reccing Calufrax soon?
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Calufrax will be out of reccers again by the end of the month! Please help by a) signing up to rec, or b) boosting this signal, or c) (best option): both!

If you read Doctor Who fic on Teaspoon, then you can rec at Calufrax. And there's nothing like the satisfaction of seeing a fic you've always loved pick up more reviews because you recced it!

Here's the official "how to rec" explanation from the mod:
All you need to do is pick four to seven of your favorite fics on Teaspoon and tell us why you love these stories. All characters, pairings, genres, eras, and ratings are welcome, as long as the stories are well-written (that is, the author should know how to spell, format and the difference between "it's" and "its") and avoid attacking any particular character or pairing in a malicious way.

Sounds easy, right? It is! To sign up to rec, join [community profile] calufrax (membership is open) and then leave a comment on the signup post.

(Yes, now! What are you waiting for?)
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(Signal boost picked up from [personal profile] curuchamion.)

I know what you're thinking: Every so often, on a semi-regular basis, [community profile] calufrax asks for more reccers, and then people sign up. This is just the same thing again, right?

Well, wrong. It's different this time. The mod asked for more reccers, and hardly anyone signed up. [community profile] calufrax will soon be going to an every-other-week schedule just because there aren't enough reccers!

So, if you're like me and you really enjoy getting daily [community profile] calufrax recs, please try to help in one or both of the following ways:

1. Signal boost this call for reccers. You never know who might see it.

2. If you can, please sign up to rec. It's easy, and it's fun! You don't have to be a writer, and you definitely don't have to be part of a special "in crowd." (Hey, they let me do it -- they'll let anyone!) The only qualifications you need are a) you read Doctor Who fanfiction on Teaspoon, and b) you have favorite stories that you would like to recommend to other people. That's it!

How do I rec Calufrax, you ask? All you do is sign up here (you have to join the comm first, but membership is open), then choose between 4-7 fics to rec for the week. It's not a great idea to rec the same pairing all week (not everyone agrees with you about Five/Kamelion's epic love), but other than that, the basic idea is simply to share your favorites! If you like a fic, chances are that someone else out there will like it too, and they may never find the fic unless you tell them about it. And wouldn't that be a sad thing?


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