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They're playing a rerun of the Star Trek TOS episode "The Naked Time," or as I call it, the "I'll Take You Home Again, Kathleen" episode. It was one of my favorite episodes when I was a kid just for the part where the sick crewperson kept singing that over and over again. We used to go around the house singing it. (I'm sure my parents loved that.)

Anyone else have any stories about old TV and what you used to name the episodes back when you didn't know what the official names were?

In other news, Broadchurch series 3 has made it to BBC America. I watched the first episode and really liked it. But before I get too far into it, for those of you've seen it already: is it better than series 2?
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Just some random thoughts about some of the TV shows I've been watching lately (pretty non-spoilery).

Broadchurch episode 4 was better again. I wish we were getting more of Rory and less of Gwen, but I'm still enjoying it. (Yes, I know those aren't their names in this show, but that's how I think of them, okay?) I am particularly enjoying the scenes between Hardy and Miller. Their relationship is great.

Thanks (or blame) to [livejournal.com profile] lost_spook, I went and watched the pilot episode for Adam Adamant Lives! It reminds me of a very strange mix of Avengers, Wild Wild West, and Doctor Who. I think the Doctor Who part is mostly because of the accents and the '60s vibe, but it was there nonetheless. In fact, it drove me slightly crazy that at the end of the pilot episode the woman just lay there and didn't do anything to help in the fight, because she kept reminding me of Jo, and Jo would've waded right in there! Or else done something clever. I would've liked the episode better with Jo, in other words. But it was still fun. I do have a special fondness for old 1960's era television.

Speaking of old 1960's television, watching Adam Adamant Lives! put me in the mood for Wild Wild West, so I went and watched some of that. What a great show. Some of it is a definite product of its time, but most of it still really holds up. That is, if you like wacky spy stuff in the old west that sometimes strays into sci-fi with brainwashing and shrinking people, with super-villains like Miguelito Loveless, who is awesome.

Then there's the Flash. I'm still not very into it, but I did see the last episode with its trailer for this week which will feature MARK HAMILL as THE TRICKSTER!!!!!!!!! Whoo hoo, I am really looking forward to that.

Finally there's the surprise addition to my television habit of Better Call Saul. I found Breaking Bad to be way too dark for my taste, but Better Call Saul is hooking me. We'll see.
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Downton Abbey just finished, but before I could mourn it too much, I got the news that the new series of Broadchurch is starting here on Wednesday! Hurrah!

Still, I wonder what it says about me that all of my "appointment" TV is for British shows (Downton, Broadchurch, Doctor Who)?
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Really funny video of David Tennant giving a dramatic recitation to Broadchurch music:

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Channel-surfing, and I randomly came across the Gracepoint finale! (For those who don't know, Gracepoint is the American remake of Broadchurch.) Supposedly the ending is going to be different. Let's watch and find out!

spoilers for Gracepoint and Broadchurch )
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Still really enjoying Broadchurch, except for the fact that I keep missing bits of the dialogue. Since it's a murder mystery and any bit of dialogue could contain a crucial clue, I have resorted to watching it with closed captioning on. But since I find the cc distracting, I then watch it a second time without the cc. (I tried doing it the other way -- no cc first, then cc the second time to pick up on what I missed, but it drives me too crazy -- "wait, no, what did he just say??!!!")

It's not all DT, although I find him particularly hard to follow when he's being all broody and muttering his lines. I can't always understand Olivia Colman either, and most of the others are also a little hit-and-miss. In fact, the only person whose dialogue I can understand 100% of the time is Arthur Darvill. Not sure if that's because he enunciates well (or in a way that works for my American ear), or because he sounds just like Rory. :D (In fact, it's slightly distracting because so far at least, his character could actually be Rory pretending to be a priest. I keep waiting for Amy to show up.)

It's still really good, though. We're still pretty early on -- I just saw episode 3 -- so don't spoil me for what's coming!*

*If Amy does eventually show up, you can tell me that. No wait, don't.
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Just saw the first episode of Broadchurch, and oooh, it was good! My only complaint is David bloody Tennant. Don't get me wrong; his acting was stellar (not that I expected any less, but it's so nice when an amazing actor is allowed to do an amazing job). But his accent! I had to put on the closed captioning because I kept missing bits of what he was saying. And this is after I've become pretty good at following his real Scottish accent. But no, he had to put on a thicker accent just to make things difficult.

(Actually, I don't know if the accent he's using is technically thicker than his real accent. I just know that it's harder for me to understand.)
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BBC America is going to be broadcasting Broadchurch here soon, and in their advertising they've been saying things like "The most popular drama since Downton Abbey," etc. Well, I love Downton Abbey, but I'm feeling cautious about Broadchurch, even though it does have David Tennant in it and I am a fan of his acting ability. Here's what I'm worried about:

-- It's apparently a crime drama, and I don't tend to enjoy crime dramas. I don't watch NCIS, or Law & Order: [fill-in-the-blank here], or any of the multitude of other crime shows, at least not on a regular basis. Mysteries and who-done-its in and of themselves don't interest me, so shows that are all about piling on the "wtf" tangents will lose me (i.e., "Lost").

-- I don't tend to like gritty realism, hopelessness, or violence in my TV shows. (Another reason why I don't watch modern crime dramas.) For example, I am a huge fan of the 1970's-era Battlestar Galactica, but not of the revised Battlestar Galactica, even though I can objectively recognize that the revised version was a better show. It was too gritty for me, and not nearly as much fun.

-- It's written by Chibnall, who has written some of my least-favorite episodes of Doctor Who, and none of my favorites.

Of course, the most sensible thing to do would be to try watching the thing and see if I like it or not -- at worst I would lose a little time -- but I find myself hoping for more information before I give it a shot.

So, here's my question to those of you who have seen Broadchurch: Did you like it? Based on what you know of me, any guesses on whether I will like it? (It's okay if you guess wrong.)


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