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Yuletide signups are open! I am having my usual anxiety about signing up -- what if I can't finish my assignment? What if I write a bad story for my recipient? -- but I am most likely going to sign up again. So, I have to figure out what I'm going to request and offer. I think for requests, I am going to repeat my ficless requests from previous Yuletides, with one exception: Sarah Jane Adventures. I have received fic for SJA in Yuletide, but if I get more Gita!fic, I will somehow deal with that. :) And actually, I think I will request any of the characters, because I would also be perfectly happy with fic about the other nominated characters, especially as I haven't received fic about them for Yuletide yet.

vague spoilers for Downton Abbey )

"Three things make a post," but I can't think of a third thing. Let's see. Well, Halloween is coming up, and it's on a weekend this year, and I got invited to a party, but I have no idea what to wear. I am really bad at coming up with costumes. This is why I don't do cosplay. I mean, I'd like to do cosplay, but I suck at it, to the point where I can't even come up with one costume once a year for Halloween. I'm the target audience for all of those "buy/rent a Halloween costume here" stores, except I don't have enough money to feel comfortable splurging it on a Halloween costume. If I did, I'd own a whole collection of Doctor coats by now. ;)
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Downton Abbey just finished, but before I could mourn it too much, I got the news that the new series of Broadchurch is starting here on Wednesday! Hurrah!

Still, I wonder what it says about me that all of my "appointment" TV is for British shows (Downton, Broadchurch, Doctor Who)?
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PBS just finished airing Downton Abbey's "season 3" here, and I don't know if the last episode they showed is the latest episode shown in the UK or not. So, before I venture out into the internet to read reaction posts, can some kind soul tell me if I'm fully caught up?

Here's what just happened:

spoilers for the last episode PBS broadcast, labeled season 3 episode 7 )

Thanks for any help!
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Series 3 of Downton Abbey finally premiered here tonight, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Shirley MacLaine ftw! Although Maggie Smith got the best line, and delivered it magnificently. : )

I know most of you reading this have already seen the whole series, so I'll remind you that I've only seen the first episode. Don't spoil me for the rest!
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Really! Of course, it's only about a foot tall, and it doesn't seem to travel in time and space, but it lights up and makes noises! I like that part a lot. The cats like that part a little less.

In other news, I have finished the Downton Abbey Christmas special, so I am now officially caught up! I also now have to officially wait for more Downton Abbey. Rats. I do have to say, though, that there were an awful lot of very important plot developments in that special. I find that interesting, because here in the U.S., I think a one-off Christmas special would leave the characters exactly where they started. Although that's just conjecture, since we don't have Christmas specials in the same way that you guys do over in the U.K. -- we might have Christmas-themed episodes, but they're part of the regular season. It's just weird, because I realized afterwards that I had gone in with this mindset that it would be all holiday-ish and nothing much would happen, and boy, was I wrong.

And, since three things make a post (or so I've heard), let me leave you with the funniest thing I've seen lately on the internet. Credit goes to [personal profile] justice_turtle, who made me aware of the "Boobs Don't Work That Way" site, which is where people post examples of artists drawing unrealistic pictures of women. Then I found this entry on there, which is more of a "bodies don't work that way," and it's hysterical (and completely work-safe): http://boobsdontworkthatway.tumblr.com/day/2012/01/20/
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In the middle of watching season two of "Downton Abbey," and omg, Violet Crawley is such a wonderful character! I adore her. I don't always (often?) agree with her, but I absolutely adore her.


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