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Well, that was interesting. Lots of David Tennant! (Hooray! Also, I understood every single word he said. I knew he was doing something funky with his accent in Broadchurch!)

We also got Camille, and Noel, and Freema, and Bernard Cribbins. No Billie and no Catherine (I was sad about one of those absences; I'll let you guess which one *g*). Also, for some bizarre reason, we got Peter Davison. Why? All I can suppose is that it was some wink-wink reference to the fact that Peter is David's father-in-law, but it just seemed bizarre. And we didn't get Georgia, which would've actually been appropriate -- in fact, more appropriate than some of the other one-off characters we got instead (e.g., Alex from "Christmas Invasion," otherwise known as "Harriet Jones helper-dude, and-I-bet-you-didn't-know-his-name-was-Alex").

At the end, Steven Moffat introduced "Stolen Earth / Journey's End," and he was very touchingly appreciative of Russell's script. It's not my favorite series finale, but it was nice to hear Steven's viewpoint on it.
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I am so excited! I think they're going to show the TV Movie afterwards, too!

Or else they'll play some Big Finish audio to a screenshot of Paul McGann, with a graphic underneath that says "use your imagination"? But I'm betting on the TV Movie.

Whee, 8th Doctor! Oooh, I hope they interviewed Paul McGann!
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I'm watching the Doctors Revisited special for the Seventh Doctor right now, and thoroughly enjoying it. They have Bonnie Langford back again -- the first time a companion has been interviewed in more than one special -- and Sophie Aldred, and Sylvester McCoy.

The best quotes so far have been from Sophie. First she said that Sylvester would take every opportunity to "bring out those spoons," and then she said that her biggest claim to fame as a companion is that she beat up a Dalek with a baseball bat, and it would probably be on her tombstone.

"Famous foes" showcased the Rani, which is a little weird I think because she was introduced in a Sixth Doctor episode, but I suppose the pickings were slim.

Steven Moffat said some great things, and especially praised Sylvester's ability to be very comic with this tremendous layer of sadness underneath.

And now we're into "Remembrance of the Daleks." Steven Moffat introduced it, and he began by confessing that he didn't like the Seventh Doctor's first episodes, but he nevertheless cut short a meeting for "Press Gang" to rush home and watch "Remembrance," and he was completely blown away by it.

And now, my off-the-cuff reactions to "Remembrance of the Daleks," which I have seen before, but don't remember very well:

spoilers for Remembrance of the Daleks )

No hint of whether they're going to do a retrospective for the Eighth Doctor. Hard though it would be to do one, I kind of hope they do!
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Finally got the chance to watch the Doctors Revisited special for the Sixth Doctor. It was fine -- nothing great, but nothing bad, either. Colin Baker, Nicola Bryant, and Bonnie Langford were all interviewed, plus Steven Moffat and other people. For the first time, David Tennant wasn't interviewed; I wonder if that's because he was too busy at the time of shooting, or because he didn't have much to say about the Sixth Doctor? (I suspect the former.)

Their chosen episode for Six was Vengeance on Varos, and I realized I'd never seen it! So I thoroughly enjoyed watching it. Also, it was again introduced by Steven Moffat, and I am starting to suspect that he is the one choosing which episodes to show. Regardless if it's him or not, the choices have been uniformly good, even if they haven't always been the ones I would personally choose. I was pleasantly surprised by V on V -- it was really an excellent episode, and Colin was in great form as the Doctor. I found myself really appreciating his physicality, and I loved one point in particular where he seemed to be purposefully imitating Peter Davison.

slight spoilers for Vengeance on Varos )

Only one more "regular" special left -- I wonder which episode they're going to show for Seven? And I wonder what sort of retrospective they'll do for Eight? Do they have the rights to broadcast the TVM? Will they bother to cover him at all?
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BBCA's Fifth Doctor Revisited special is on my television right now, and for the first time, they have covered everyone -- Adric, Nyssa, Tegan, Turlough, and Peri have all made an appearance! Not only that, but Matthew, Sarah, Janet, Mark, and Nicola have all been interviewed! (And by the way, I would never have recognized Matthew Waterhouse, but he sounds exactly the same!)

After the sad and sometimes downright shameful companion omissions of past specials, it's nice to have everyone recognized and celebrated in this one. Peter Davison was also interviewed. I assume they'll continue with the Doctor interviews from now on -- hopefully everyone will agree to do it (can't wait to hear what Colin has to say!)

And now they're into the Fifth Doctor episode. And the chosen one? It's Earthshock! I guessed they would do Caves of Androzani, so I was wrong. I had to laugh, though, because in Steven Moffat's introduction to the episode, he made a point of talking about a surprise at the end -- but the surprise had already been given away in the special! With quotes from everyone, including Steven! So I guess the episode introductions get filmed at a different time than the retrospective interviews. I wonder if they're filmed first, or later? How far in advance does BBCA choose the episode? Do they know which one they're showing for the Sixth Doctor yet?

Anyway, on to watching Earthshock! I'm pleased, because for once it's an episode I haven't seen for ages, and I don't remember it that well. Although I do remember what happens at the end . . . ; )

ETA: And, now I remember why I haven't re-watched this episode in such a long time.

spoilers for Earthshock )
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The "Doctors Revisited" Fourth Doctor special is on my TV right now, so here we go with a liveblog!

-- TOM BAKER!!!! They interviewed Tom Baker! HOORAY!!!!!!!!
-- Steven Moffat is obviously a huge fan of the Fourth Doctor. He has good taste. : )
-- And look what's coming up after the commercial break -- Sarah Jane!
-- And, it's over. Not much time spent on her, but some very nice things were said. And apparently David Tennant tweaked the script for "School Reunion" so the Doctor would call her "Sarah," and not "Sarah Jane." The benefits of having a real fanboy play the Doctor!
-- Look now, it's Louise Jamison! Awww. And John Leeson! Double awww.
-- Okay, now they're into clips and "famous foes," etc. Zygons and Davros so far. The more I watch, the more I find myself smiling. The Fourth Doctor really is MY Doctor. He just looks so right on the screen.
-- And ahhhhhh, it's over? IT'S OVER??? BUT . . . ROMANA! THEY DIDN'T COVER ROMANA! AT ALL!!!!!!!!! NOT EVEN ONE LITTLE CLIP!!!! WTH?????????????????

And yes, the Fourth Doctor episode is now on my TV, but I can't get too excited by that, because I own it. And have watched it many, many times. (No, it's not "Genesis of the Daleks," hooray! And yes, it is a Sarah Jane episode. "Pyramids of Mars," my prediction was correct! Although much as I love this one, I still would have chosen "City of Death" instead.)
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The one good thing about commercials is they give me a chance to immediately type up my reactions, so here we go for the Third Doctor special.

Camille Coduri! Camille Coduri talking about how sexy Jon Pertwee is! Hurrah!!

And Hugh Bonneville??!! It's a little bizarre to have him talking about the Third Doctor, but I suppose that he too is of the correct age to have grown up watching those episodes.

And Richard Franklin!!!

Steven Moffat on "Spearhead from Space": "What was the plan, exactly? 'We're going to conquer the world by planting dummies in shop windows!'"

Aww, and Moffat is heaping praise on Nicholas Courtney and on Roger Delgado. Yes, I agree completely!!!

And of course everyone is also praising Jon Pertwee, which is only fair as this is his special. Now I wonder if they will actually interview Tom Baker in the Fourth Doctor special. Oooh, I hope they do!

Speaking of actors who are still alive, we don't have anything from Katy Manning yet. Perhaps they didn't include her. Bah. Well, maybe she wasn't available.

. . . and it just ended. No Katy. And nothing on Sarah Jane, although they did cover Liz Shaw and Jo Grant. That's a little disappointing, but I suspect they will do a lot on Sarah Jane for the Fourth Doctor special. Except they have a lot of companions to cover for him. But then maybe they'll do the same thing and leave Adric and Nyssa and Tegan for the Fifth Doctor?

Okay, on to watching (or rather, re-watching) "Spearhead from Space!" And here I thought they were going to choose "Terror of the Autons" as the Third Doctor episode to screen. Do I get partial credit for at least getting the invading force correct?
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. . . is on my television right now! Hooray for part 2 of the BBCA retrospective!

It was preceded by a special on the Second Doctor that was pretty good. I especially liked the comments from David Tennant, Steven Moffat, Wendy Padbury, and Frazier Hines. (Frazier: "The Second Doctor is my favorite." Not surprising, but nice to hear it stated. *g*)

But my favorite part was when Moffat introduced Tomb of the Cybermen: "It doesn't really make sense, but then it's not the only Doctor Who episode you can say that about . . ." LOL!! ". . . Still, it's creepy, and it's atmospheric, and it's absolutely brilliant." You know, I think I could say exactly the same thing about The Pandorica Opens. :D

ETA: It's Bitey! The first time the Doctor encounters a cybermat! :D :D :D Okay, I am unreasonably fond of cybermats. Sorry, it's a thing. Carry on with the episode now.
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So apparently BBC America will be showing "Tomb of the Cybermen" for their 2nd Doctor installment of "Doctors Revisited." Which is good, and another great choice after "The Aztecs" for the 1st Doctor, except for one tiny little detail: I've already seen both of those episodes!!!!!!! Okay, they're great episodes, and that's one of the reasons why I've seen them (also they, you know, exist, unlike some of the other choices), but how amazing would it be for BBCA to broadcast a Classic Who episode that I haven't already seen?

Of course, I am currently making that less likely by what's currently in my DVD player: "The Sea Devils," a 3rd Doctor episode that I haven't seen before. But BBCA is unlikely to choose that one for the 3rd Doctor anyway, right?
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And I don't mean "on my TV" as in I'm playing a DVD, I mean it's actually being broadcast by BBC America! It's the First Doctor episode "The Aztecs." I've already seen it, but it's on my TV! In all its glorious black-and-whiteness! Also, there's a logo in the upper right-hand corner of a TARDIS and "50 years."


Are they going to broadcast one Classic Who episode for every Doctor? I saw something about a "Doctors revisited" special, but I assumed it was going to be another one of BBCA's frankly disappointing retrospective shows with clips and inane commentary. But an actual episode is a wonderful surprise!


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