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Passing on the word that there's a brand new re-watch comm about to start up for Classic Doctor Who! The comm is [community profile] of_rassilon, and it's on Dreamwidth. The plan is to watch one serial per week, with discussion about the serial beginning every Sunday (Australian time) and lasting through the week until it's time for the next serial.

They're starting this Sunday with the very first episode of Doctor Who ever, "Unearthly Child," plus the other three episodes that make up that first serial ("The Cave of Skulls," "The Forest of Fear," and "The Firemaker" -- and I think one of the first topics of discussion ought to be just why they felt the need to individually name all the serial parts back then!)

If you're only on LiveJournal, you should still be able to participate with your LJ user name -- it shows up as "open ID" or something. (I hope no one has questions about that, though, as that's the sum total of what I know.)

Or if you'd like to join Dreamwidth, I have 8 invite codes to give away. Just leave a comment asking for one, and I'll PM it to you.
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Spambots have found Dreamwidth -- I received no less than 26 spam comments on my entries last week. So, I have changed my Dreamwidth account settings so that only people on my access list are allowed to comment on my entries. I'm hoping this will be a temporary situation. In the meantime, if you're not on my access list and really want to comment on something, you can send me a PM or wander over to my LiveJournal and comment there instead.

ETA: I finally had time to look more closely into the spam comments, and they were all from anonymous users, so I've loosened up the settings to allow all registered users to comment, not just those from my access list. Hopefully that will be enough to handle the spam problem. Apologies that I can no longer accept anonymous comments, but that's just the way it has to be.
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This is the fourth journal style that I've tried, and I think I may have finally found something that I actually like. Whoo hoo! Up until now, every new journal style has been "Well, that's not too objectionable, let's try it out." My opinion of this one might still change after I've spent time reading and posting in it, but it's looking promising!
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Just helping to spread the word that there's a friending meme going on at [community profile] doctorwho:

Doctor Who Friending Meme
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Okay, I am trying out cross-posting from Dreamwidth. Is this working? Hello?

Not sure how much cross-posting I will be doing though, to be honest. I guess it will depend upon how easy this is (does look pretty easy so far), and how much time I end up spending on Dreamwidth vs. LJ. From what I can tell, the LJ Doctor Who communities seem to be far more active. Anyone know any communities like sarahjane_fic and doctoreleven on Dreamwidth?
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First it was driving me crazy that I didn't have any content in my journal here, so I decided to post something. Then I was curious about importing content from LJ, and I decided I should probably have a back-up of my entries anyway (not that my ramblings are earth-shattering or anything, but you know, it made sense for 5 minutes) and I imported my journal. Then I posted my first Dreamwidth-only post. Then I decided I might as well go ahead and start "circling" people from my LJ flist who were over here, because, why not? And now I've come here often enough that the default journal layout was really starting to bug me, so I've gone through the available layouts and chosen a new one.

My little Dreamwidth camp, which was originally just a stake in the ground and a pair of binoculars for looking around, now has a tent, a firepit, a backpacker's stove and an open invitation to a group campfire.

Oh, well. I suppose none of those are bad things!

ETA: And after a few minutes of reading things in it, I've decided I don't like this new journal style either. I'm going to have to keep searching, but I'm not really in the mood right now. Anyway, assume that the style will keep changing without notice until I find something I like. At least this style doesn't immediately assault you with HELLO I'M BLUE! in the way the default one did.
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I've been on Dreamwidth for . . . let's see now, four days? And this morning I got a notification that they have sent me an invite code to pass on. The email notification said that new invite codes were being sent to "select accounts," which I suspect means any account that was newly created since LJ announced the Facebook/Twitter mess. *g*

So, one invite code, up for grabs! Comment here and I will PM it to you. First come first served, and I don't care who you are -- on my flist, a casual commenter, someone I've never interacted with before, it's all good! I think everyone who wants an account at Dreamwidth should be able to create one for free, regardless of whether they already know someone who has an account or not.

If you see that someone's already taken the code but you want one too, feel free to comment anyway and I'll see if I can hook you up.
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Just got here, and I'm still trying to figure this place out. I heard it was really easy to import content over from LiveJournal so I've gone ahead and done that, partly because it was sad to have a completely empty account here, and partly because it occurred to me that it never hurts to have a back-up archive. The import was indeed super-duper easy to do.

I'm not yet moving over here; I'm just establishing a little camp and poking around. Feel free to friend me (circle me? What's it called over here, anyway?) if you like, just be aware that it might take some time for me to notice and get back to you as I'm not logging into DW regularly.


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