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Continuing to answer the writing meme questions one at a time.

[livejournal.com profile] john_amend_all asked me #17 from the writing meme:

17. Do you have any discarded scenes/storylines/projects?

LOL, oh my yes. And that doesn't even count my WIPs, which I sincerely hope are not actually discarded. I have discarded prompts, and discarded snippets, and discarded plot ideas, and as for discarded scenes, I write them all the time. I also write discarded dialogue, and discarded sentences. It's part of my writing process -- I write, and then I discard, and then I write some more. If I'm lucky, then what I keep has more words in it than what I discarded, and I make progress on the fic.

Since I keep what I discarded as it sometimes makes it way back into the fic, I have plenty of examples handy. So here, have some of what I discarded from The Spotter's Guide to the Doctor:

If you're not a young woman, then follow these steps:

1) Find a young woman who is currently traveling with the Doctor and either a) rescue her and/or b) get her romantically interested in you. This is your best chance for getting to the Doctor.

2) If those won't work, try killing the Doctor, but make sure it's clear that you really don't want to kill him, you're just being psychically compelled to do so. Also, act conflicted. Really conflicted. And angsty. Don't forget the angst.

IMPORTANT -- do not succeed in actually killing the Doctor. This is bound to put the two of you off to a bad start.

On the Davies-Moffat Dangerous Beings Index, he ranks at around 142. On a scale of 1-100.

This guide owes much to the many individuals around the world and on the internet who have shown an interest in the elusive Doctor and how to spot him. We would particularly like to thank the members of LINDA, our good friend Clive Finch, and Larry and the gang.

Time Lord - spotting is practically a lost sport nowadays, for many unfortunate reasons. First, of course, is the fact that there are hardly any Time Lords left around to spot.

Another tall Doctor, this one wears a suit with trainers. He's especially recommended if you like to let someone else carry the bulk of the conversation. However, he's also reported to be not the best at keeping his companions. If you join up with him, be aware that you may end up in a parallel universe -- twice -- or he may erase your memory and angst about it later.


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