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Saw "Turn Left" last night (or rather, very early this morning when I got home from the Billy Joel concert). Very, VERY disappointing episode. After "Midnight" showed us how great RTD's writing can be, "Turn Left" showed us how bad it can be, although it didn't descend into quite the cringey depths of SoD/LotTL or VotD.

Spoilers follow. )

But the Billy Joel concert was fantastic. He was good on his own, as Billy always is, but he brought in a string of special guests to do their own songs here and there throughout the concert which was incredibly exciting. Steven Tyler from Aerosmith completely rocked out to "Walk this Way." But the ending was the best, and I will leave off with two words of my own:

Paul McCartney.

I wish "Turn Left" could have ended with two words like that.


Jul. 17th, 2008 10:19 pm
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So "Turn Left" airs tomorrow, and believe it or not, I won't be home to see it because a friend just had a ticket to Billy Joel become available so I am going to go see his concert at Shea Stadium instead. Which will be great, because I love Billy Joel, and the whole Shea Stadium thing should be fun (never been there), but why do I think I'm going to spend the whole concert worrying about my VCR breaking down? Because if I get home and the episode didn't tape correctly, I will be seriously upset. Okay, so it won't be the worst tragedy that's ever happened in my life, but it might come close. I'm tempted to ask my parents to Tivo it for me as a backup just in case. Does that make me really sad and pathetic?


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